Sunday, 16 January 2011

When Mum and Dad went away..... day 1

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

Hope you got there okay, it was weird sleeping in another house last night. I went for a really long walk at 7.30 though and was really tired by 10pm so was ready to go to bed.

This morning I was up REEEAAALLLLLYYY early. No idea why. Diane makes me and George sit and wait patiently whilst she prepared our breakfast. I didn't really want to wait though, I was staving.

Diane gave me one of those horrible pink tablets in a piece of cheese but I managed to scupper her plan and suck the cheese off then spit the tablet out, hehehhe:)
I got caught out though :(
Then I had to take it the nasty way - straight in the back of the throat and swallow. I'll eat it with the cheese next time:)

After breakfast we went to pick up another dog, Bella. She's just LOVELY. We played all day today, she lets me chase her for ages. She's cool. Diane said it was nice for me to give George a break but I think he secretly missed me pestering him. We went to Tooting Common, Streatham Common, King Georges Park and later we're off to Spencer Park. This holiday things brilliant.

Although I do miss you. Lots. Don't forget about me over there.

Lots of Love,

Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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