Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 5

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

Hope you're okay, I'm having loads of fun!

This morning I was in trouble again as I've been chewing the stitches
in my poorly foot. The thing is Dad, is that they're really itchy and
it feels nice when I lick them but Diane said I would have to have a
big bandage put on now and a poo bag over the top to keep it dry. You
can imagine the looks I got off the other dogs in the park with my
poo bag foot. Really, I hope my poorly foot gets betters soon.

It has been raining all day today and we all got really wet and
soggy. Di said she would have to get her car cleaned so I shook
myself dry on the way home. I hope it helped to clean her car.

I met a nice lady today called Lian and she said I was the cutest dog
she'd ever seen. She gave me some nice treats, I like her, she smells

It was hard to run about today because we all kept slipping in the
mud so Di took us for a long walk this afternoon on Mitcham Common
which wasn't so muddy.

Di's flatmate has taken a photo of me which I've attached so you can
see me sending you this email I hope you like it and don't miss me
too much, I'm allright really, I'm having a great time.

Hope you come home soon though,

Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxx

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