Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 2

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

I had to get up early AGAIN today! Jeez, i thought this holiday thing was supposed to be relaxing! Anyway, had another great day :)

Had breakfast (and that horrible pink tablet) and off I went with Georgieboy to pick up my new friend Bella. I thought we were going to Streatham Common again, but oh no, we went to some woods instead. It was AMAZING! I played chase with Bella, sniffed a lot and then I found a ball. Yeah, just there it was, in the bush. I'm keeping it as my treasure and I've held onto it all day! The woods were brilliant, I hope we go there again tomorrow.

We then went to Clapham Common and I met a man called Danny at the tea stall where we stopped for a drink of water. Danny gave me a piece of cheese for being cute. I like Danny:)

Oh and I met another Puggle today too, at Tooting Triangle. She's called Poppy but was a bit moody - I said hello and she turned round and walked off. How rude! I guess not all puggles are as nice as me.

Anyway, I've just had my tea and thought I'd better email you to let you know I'm okay. Diane's going to play a game with me in a minute so I'd better hurry up.

Hope you're not having too much fun without me:)

Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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