Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Well this is why they bought me a coat! as tempatures reach around -6oc i am fortunate to have my toasty jacket to keep me warm when it is at its coldest.

I experienced snow for the first time today, and oh my god! Its so cold and crisp between my toes! and feels amazing when i sniff it and all the cold snow flakes rush up my nose! I had a nice long walk in it today with my walker, and then an extra walk when my dad got home as he wanted some play time! Fair enough though he'd been working all day, so it was fun to have some guy time. He threw snow balls and i caught them! or at least tried to, before they crumbled in my mouth!!!

such a fun day that i had to inform you about, although now i say its about my bed time! I keep hearing more about Christmas and this wonderful feast my family have planned, hope they share all the food with me as well!

see ya, lick lick xx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Its been a long time!

It has been ages since I have updated you with my adventures!

I have been slowly getting used to the cold and the rain and dont mind it so much now. My mum has bought me a coat for when it gets really wintery.

I havent been very well a couple of times, i just keep eating loads of of random things that i fined. my mum keeps telling me not to do it but my nose is just to powerful to resist!

i have made new friends including my walker named Diane! she has been taking me out as my mum and dad have to work. i miss them so much in the day, my tail nearly falls of from all the wagging when i see them come home. but Diane has been keeping me entrained for a couple of hours in the day. we go to various parks such as tooting and last week we went to the woods in richmond which i loved! i made very good friends with Diane's staffy!

in a weekend or so we are planning on going to windsor and maybe up to derbyshire to see other friends and family before christmas!

I am getting very excited about christmas! i am not quite sure what it involves but a tree, some wrapping paper and turkey sounds something i would really enjoy!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

My Friend Oscar

The other day we were playing in the park when i noticed this handsome devil looked a lot like myself. so i went over to say hello, and to my surprise he was another Puggle! he was a few years older than me but he was very nice his name is Oscar. We went for a walk together after and even had a run together it was great fun!! i uploaded a picture of him, its a bit further down.

We also went to the park today where i tried my first ice cream, well i had what was left after my dad had devoured it. i heart that my mum is back soon i can not wait to see her again! i hope she still likes me! licks and wags Sydney x

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Training Classes, Chew toys and fight nights

I am officially the worst blogger on the planet just i've been so busy! So much has happened so much to tell, so please make yourselves comfortable.

I've gone through a stage of destroying all my toys, namely my rocket. my how it would fly through the air, my owner would throw it and i would chase. i had so much fun with it i loved it!!!!! so i had to eat it, in order to be as close to it as possible! i chewed it up good, it used to fly but now not so much. Thank fully i had an influx of new toys from the boss, and i'm slowly working my way into them. Eating them as much as possible i keep them with me all the time! i especially love my squeeky toy! Makes my dad get mad, so one time when we were sleeping i went and got it, climbed on the sofa and started squeeking!!!! hehe it woke him up very rudely he was not amused!

My personal behaviour went backwards as my dad's routine changed and he was busy most the day. he would put newspaper down for me and i would pee and poop. we went through the routine 5 times in 1 hour, i could tell he was frustrated but he never said anything. but once he was able to spend more time with me it was okay! so im improving again now!

I finally got a clear bill of health after a series of extensive tests i was declared a medical marvel after a full recovery!!! How did they tell this you ask, my poop!

With my clear bill of health it finally meant i could start my puppy classes. i was so excited about my first session! i arrived with my toys to share, except there was no other puppies i was very lonely but i got lots of affection from all the people that were there so that was a bonus!! The following week however i did go! and i had friends! a yorkshire terrier and a golden lab, we all played and chased each other as passers by got so excited as they saw our cute faces!

After my classes my confidence has increased loads so when we hit the park for a play i wasn't as shy about meeting new dogs, so when i saw another baby, a chihuahua this time. i went and said hello and then he chased me, and got really aggressive i was so scared screaming everyone was looking i screamed until i submitted it was my only option.

finally a quick story on how i was nearly murdered!

Where i live there are loads of foxes, they only usually come out at night, and because the weather has been so nice my dad has been feeding me outside. so as i was eating away i heard a noise behind me, i turned away and saw a giant stinking fox approaching my food threatening to eat me! i was so scared i tried to get back in side and made my self as small as possible hoping he would leave me alone. As he approached i got smaller and more worried, all of a sudden my dad came running shouting at it with an umbrella in his hand ready to defend my honour and save my life. the fox darted and ran for the fence my dad hot on his tail. I'm sure it gave him a fright and i hope he never comes back, so far so good.

Anyways i will try to be more regular, sorry!!!
Big loves and licks xx

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sorry its been so long, a lot has been happening. i was very sick, i had to go to the vets and they put me on a range of drugs in order to make me feel better. i had a sore bum for a few days which meant i had to visit the vets regularly but i feel much better now.

I've finally had my final jabs and can now go out and meet the ladies! its amazing! i've started to explore Wandsworth Common and Clapham Common. Lots of wonderful people, who like to stroke me. They come over to me all excited and then wonder why i pee myself if i show the same excitement as them! can't control my bladder oops.

so after my jabs i've made friends with a poodle, a labrador, a westie and been assaulted by a Jack Russell. He scared the crap out of me, came talking to me and tried to beat me up. i screamed and my mum and dad came to save me. i guess they really do care even though i still have accidents in the house and try to lick them after eating my poo!

i was expecting my mum to leave today on a holiday, so when they left for the airport i was very sad. dad had said we wouldn't see her for 35 days. thats ages! i've not even been living in my new home that long.

However, they both came back from the airport because her flight was canceled. I was so happy to have her back for few days. i love my mum so much she's soooo lovely to me. i think my dad is crazier about her though always saying the L word to me about her... hehe gay boy.

so today when they came back we went for another walk on Wandsworth Common, the weather was amazing! i chased some crows, big black horrible things they were couldn't catch them though!

As we walked it started to rain, we took shelter in a wood. But it rained for half an hour we were soooo wet! i was not impressed at all! we were getting drenched and i was sulking and wining because i wasn't used to it, kept trying to hide under mum and dad.

finally the sun came out and we made our way back home. i was let of the leash as we turned on to our road and i saw an open door, i had to investigate. i didn't realize it wasn't my house! it was the neighbors and they were having a big party and everyone was in pristine white and me being wet and stinky they defined me as a party crasher! me the poshest dog i know was being accused of gate crashing! although once i got home and had a bath i realized i stank and was not surprised my mum and dad tried to get me out of there asap. My dad was also scared i would pee on their floor amongst all the party excitement! not surprised they were not impressed and my mum and dad said sorry loads!

sorry mum sorry dad! i've been really busy so sorry its taken a while to update but hopefully i'll have more to tell you soon! I'm looking forward to going on more walks and making new friends, and will hopefully recover from the tummy bug.

Love to you all specially my pack leaders! xxx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Vet visit

Gosh what a day! The weather was lovely again and I spent the whole day sunbathing with my new mum/boss. I got so hot and couldn't stop panting. I drank lots of water and even had a little ice cube in there to cool the bowl down, LUSH!

I think I like the summer as I get to roam around in the garden, chill out in the shade and chew on some rocks. Rocks taste so good and they give my jaw a real workout. I keep leaving them by the door as gifts for my parents. There was an incident however when dad/boss2 came out and stepped on a special pointy rock I left him. He wasn't happy! He let out a sound like a donkey from the farm I grew up on, weirdo, maybe he's half donkey/ass.

We walked to the vets through the park, but i wasn't aloud to walk very far incase some infected dog makes me sick.

On the way there I saw the strangest of creatures. They had long necks and lanky skinny legs with a weird pointy noses and feathers like on a dirty pigeon, but bigger! I wanted to investigate more and did my best to release myself from boss2' grasp, but my efforts were pointless as his big arms are no match for me... for now.

Once we arrived at the vets it was magical! Toys, beds, doggy accessories everywhere, this was surely paradise. I met the doctor lady and she predictably fell for my good looks and charms and gave me treat after treat, a way to a Puggles heart is definitely through his tummy!

After a look at my papers the doctor lady declared 'he's to young for his second jab we'll have to reschedule, but i can micro chip him, so you can keep track of him'

As my mum was feeding me treats, a sharp pain surged through my back I knew this was it. I was chipped, they would be watching me with satellites now forever. :( no late nights at the squirrel inn for me when I'm grown up!

Finally, after getting home from this eventful day, I came straight here to update my blog, and now its time for a well earned nap.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Week 1

I left my mum, :( but i was greeted by two strangers who took me somewhere different, it smells weird but i think i can live with it. They seem pretty nice they've figured out that i love chicken so we speak a similar language on some levels. although they seem to get upset when i pee on the rug, but its only because im trying to make the place smell more like home, whats wrong with that.

They wont let me leave the house to often in case i get sick but they were talking about me going to the vet next week. so freedom awaits! i can't wait to meet some friends, i met some on my new street, who seemed to like me, they loved my butt! sniffed it for ages, i was abit taken aback however when one of them licked it. only one woman's done that to me and that was my mum! so those two are pretty forward!
i kinda miss my mum some times and have dreams where we are in a field chasing rabbits. but i know she'd be happy im living the dream in the big city! The weathers great this week we've spent so much time outside in my new garden with my new family throwing me balls. Anyway i will let you know how my vet visits go, and when i get to explore the area we live in. i cant wait to see all the other dogs and people. for some reason people think im cute! what do you do!

thanks for reading xx

p.s just did a big sloppy poo in the kitchen can't wait to see their reaction hope they like my present!!!!