Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 4

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

Hope you are alright, dad, the worst thing happened to me today. I
LOST my treasure! You know, the ball I found. I was playing with it
in the park then I went to get a biscuit from Diane and when I went
back, it was GONE! George said he would give me one of his when we
got home but it's just not the same...

It was raining all day today, we all went out in our coats but I
still got very muddy and my poorly foot got a bit wet. I had fun but
George doesn't like the rain at all so he went home. I like it when
George doesn't come out because I get to ride shotgun with Di when we
pick the other dogs up. It's brilliant, a lady in another car said I
was a gorgeous puppy at the traffic lights in Clapham. I think she's

I went to see a man in green today too about my poorly foot. He kept
prodding it but I didn't mind because he gave me the most delicious
treats. When we got home Diane gave me some delicious fish for tea
with my biscuits because I'd been such a brave boy. She said it was
sardines, they were tasty and she said it was good for my coat and my
bones and that I would grow up to be big and strong.

I'm going to go for a sleep now on the sofa, I'm quite tired again
after all my walks today. Hopefully tomorrow it won't rain because it
was very slippy today, I nearly fell over when I was running with Bella.

When are you coming back, I miss you.

Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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