Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 3

HI Mum, Hi Dad,

Alls going well this end. Well kind of. I got into trouble this
morning by peeing on Dianes carpet. Oops. I'd just been out as well.
Diane said she didn't mind and cleaned it up but I think George was a
bit miffed. He went and sat in my wet patch afterwards. He's funny.

Today we went for a really long river walk all the way from Putney to
Hammersmith and a little bit further. It was lovely, I had a play in
the water with Bella and George in Putney. I thought it was the sea
but Di said it was the Thames. It was a bit cold but we soon warmed
up running around.

This afternoon we had a kick about in Wandsworth Park. Diane brought
a big red and white football with us and we played chase for ages.
Dianes not as good as you Dad at football. Shes rubbish. George is
really good at pushing the ball around though. And Diane didn't have
any goal posts either so we just messed about really.

This evening I had to go to the V.E.T. :( She had a look at my poorly
foot and gave me a sharp scratchy pain in the back of my shoulders.
Di said it was an injection to make my foot better. I hope it works,
I'm bored of wearing a sock now. I can't lick my foot anymore and
it's really tickly. I've got to go back to the Dr Lady on saturday :(

Anyway, we're all on the sofa watching Lost. I think it's a bit
rubbish - makes no sense to me, I might have a sleep.

Night night x

Sydney xxxxxxxxx

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