Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Well this is why they bought me a coat! as tempatures reach around -6oc i am fortunate to have my toasty jacket to keep me warm when it is at its coldest.

I experienced snow for the first time today, and oh my god! Its so cold and crisp between my toes! and feels amazing when i sniff it and all the cold snow flakes rush up my nose! I had a nice long walk in it today with my walker, and then an extra walk when my dad got home as he wanted some play time! Fair enough though he'd been working all day, so it was fun to have some guy time. He threw snow balls and i caught them! or at least tried to, before they crumbled in my mouth!!!

such a fun day that i had to inform you about, although now i say its about my bed time! I keep hearing more about Christmas and this wonderful feast my family have planned, hope they share all the food with me as well!

see ya, lick lick xx

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