Sunday 16 January 2011

Day 6

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

I had to go to see the Dr Lady again today. She gave me another
scratchy pain in my shoulders again. It didn't hurt that much but she
only gave me one treat. And she looked at my poorly foot. I would've
thought that deserved at least 2 or 3 treats.

Diane gave me and george some treats at home. We played some really
good games today. We went out this afternoon but not for too long as
my poorly foot was a bit sore.

I've learnt a new way of getting lots of treats - I'm very clever.
George wasn't happy when I wee wee'd on the floor in the front room
so Diane gives me treats when I do a wee outside. It's great - I keep
going to the kitchen and drinking lots so I can wee more and hey
presto, out come the treats! See - very, very clever boy! I think Di
might've wised up to it though, she didn't give me anything last time
I went. Maybe she just forgot.

Diane just gave me a plastic bottle with some goodies in so I'm going
to go and try and get them out.

I can't wait for you to come home, it seems like you have been gone
for ages. I'm having a good time though so don't worry, George looks
after me and I use him as a pillow to sleep on, he's nice and warm
and ever so comfy.

I'll email you again tomorrow after I've played some games,


Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Day 5

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

Hope you're okay, I'm having loads of fun!

This morning I was in trouble again as I've been chewing the stitches
in my poorly foot. The thing is Dad, is that they're really itchy and
it feels nice when I lick them but Diane said I would have to have a
big bandage put on now and a poo bag over the top to keep it dry. You
can imagine the looks I got off the other dogs in the park with my
poo bag foot. Really, I hope my poorly foot gets betters soon.

It has been raining all day today and we all got really wet and
soggy. Di said she would have to get her car cleaned so I shook
myself dry on the way home. I hope it helped to clean her car.

I met a nice lady today called Lian and she said I was the cutest dog
she'd ever seen. She gave me some nice treats, I like her, she smells

It was hard to run about today because we all kept slipping in the
mud so Di took us for a long walk this afternoon on Mitcham Common
which wasn't so muddy.

Di's flatmate has taken a photo of me which I've attached so you can
see me sending you this email I hope you like it and don't miss me
too much, I'm allright really, I'm having a great time.

Hope you come home soon though,

Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxx

Day 4

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

Hope you are alright, dad, the worst thing happened to me today. I
LOST my treasure! You know, the ball I found. I was playing with it
in the park then I went to get a biscuit from Diane and when I went
back, it was GONE! George said he would give me one of his when we
got home but it's just not the same...

It was raining all day today, we all went out in our coats but I
still got very muddy and my poorly foot got a bit wet. I had fun but
George doesn't like the rain at all so he went home. I like it when
George doesn't come out because I get to ride shotgun with Di when we
pick the other dogs up. It's brilliant, a lady in another car said I
was a gorgeous puppy at the traffic lights in Clapham. I think she's

I went to see a man in green today too about my poorly foot. He kept
prodding it but I didn't mind because he gave me the most delicious
treats. When we got home Diane gave me some delicious fish for tea
with my biscuits because I'd been such a brave boy. She said it was
sardines, they were tasty and she said it was good for my coat and my
bones and that I would grow up to be big and strong.

I'm going to go for a sleep now on the sofa, I'm quite tired again
after all my walks today. Hopefully tomorrow it won't rain because it
was very slippy today, I nearly fell over when I was running with Bella.

When are you coming back, I miss you.

Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Day 3

HI Mum, Hi Dad,

Alls going well this end. Well kind of. I got into trouble this
morning by peeing on Dianes carpet. Oops. I'd just been out as well.
Diane said she didn't mind and cleaned it up but I think George was a
bit miffed. He went and sat in my wet patch afterwards. He's funny.

Today we went for a really long river walk all the way from Putney to
Hammersmith and a little bit further. It was lovely, I had a play in
the water with Bella and George in Putney. I thought it was the sea
but Di said it was the Thames. It was a bit cold but we soon warmed
up running around.

This afternoon we had a kick about in Wandsworth Park. Diane brought
a big red and white football with us and we played chase for ages.
Dianes not as good as you Dad at football. Shes rubbish. George is
really good at pushing the ball around though. And Diane didn't have
any goal posts either so we just messed about really.

This evening I had to go to the V.E.T. :( She had a look at my poorly
foot and gave me a sharp scratchy pain in the back of my shoulders.
Di said it was an injection to make my foot better. I hope it works,
I'm bored of wearing a sock now. I can't lick my foot anymore and
it's really tickly. I've got to go back to the Dr Lady on saturday :(

Anyway, we're all on the sofa watching Lost. I think it's a bit
rubbish - makes no sense to me, I might have a sleep.

Night night x

Sydney xxxxxxxxx

Day 2

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

I had to get up early AGAIN today! Jeez, i thought this holiday thing was supposed to be relaxing! Anyway, had another great day :)

Had breakfast (and that horrible pink tablet) and off I went with Georgieboy to pick up my new friend Bella. I thought we were going to Streatham Common again, but oh no, we went to some woods instead. It was AMAZING! I played chase with Bella, sniffed a lot and then I found a ball. Yeah, just there it was, in the bush. I'm keeping it as my treasure and I've held onto it all day! The woods were brilliant, I hope we go there again tomorrow.

We then went to Clapham Common and I met a man called Danny at the tea stall where we stopped for a drink of water. Danny gave me a piece of cheese for being cute. I like Danny:)

Oh and I met another Puggle today too, at Tooting Triangle. She's called Poppy but was a bit moody - I said hello and she turned round and walked off. How rude! I guess not all puggles are as nice as me.

Anyway, I've just had my tea and thought I'd better email you to let you know I'm okay. Diane's going to play a game with me in a minute so I'd better hurry up.

Hope you're not having too much fun without me:)

Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When Mum and Dad went away..... day 1

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

Hope you got there okay, it was weird sleeping in another house last night. I went for a really long walk at 7.30 though and was really tired by 10pm so was ready to go to bed.

This morning I was up REEEAAALLLLLYYY early. No idea why. Diane makes me and George sit and wait patiently whilst she prepared our breakfast. I didn't really want to wait though, I was staving.

Diane gave me one of those horrible pink tablets in a piece of cheese but I managed to scupper her plan and suck the cheese off then spit the tablet out, hehehhe:)
I got caught out though :(
Then I had to take it the nasty way - straight in the back of the throat and swallow. I'll eat it with the cheese next time:)

After breakfast we went to pick up another dog, Bella. She's just LOVELY. We played all day today, she lets me chase her for ages. She's cool. Diane said it was nice for me to give George a break but I think he secretly missed me pestering him. We went to Tooting Common, Streatham Common, King Georges Park and later we're off to Spencer Park. This holiday things brilliant.

Although I do miss you. Lots. Don't forget about me over there.

Lots of Love,

Your Sydney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday 30 November 2010


Well this is why they bought me a coat! as tempatures reach around -6oc i am fortunate to have my toasty jacket to keep me warm when it is at its coldest.

I experienced snow for the first time today, and oh my god! Its so cold and crisp between my toes! and feels amazing when i sniff it and all the cold snow flakes rush up my nose! I had a nice long walk in it today with my walker, and then an extra walk when my dad got home as he wanted some play time! Fair enough though he'd been working all day, so it was fun to have some guy time. He threw snow balls and i caught them! or at least tried to, before they crumbled in my mouth!!!

such a fun day that i had to inform you about, although now i say its about my bed time! I keep hearing more about Christmas and this wonderful feast my family have planned, hope they share all the food with me as well!

see ya, lick lick xx